Turn your songs into music notation

Step 1: Import Music

Step 1: Import Music

Both music notation and audio files an be used in the Songs2See Editor to create your own music scores.

Step 2: Edit the Notes

Step 2: Edit the Notes

Easily modify the music scores using the different options in the Songs2See Editor.

Step 3: Save your Music Scores

Step 3: Save your Music Scores

Print your new music scores or use them for practice with the Songs2See Game.

What will you find in the Songs2See Editor?

Import Music Tracks

Turn music tracks in MP3, WAV, M4A and Flac format into sheet music.

Automatic Transcription

From an audio file, the monophonic  melody and bass, as well as  the chords, the key and the beat grid will be automatically transcribed.

Import Music Notation

The Songs2See Editor supports common notation formats such as MIDI, MusicXML, GuitarPro and ABC Notation.

Easily Modify Music Notation

Easily modify and transform notation including transpositions to other keys.

Score Viewer

Export your sheet music for the Songs2See Game, or print and save your music scores using the score and tablature viewers.

Advanced Features

Use the spectrogram view for detailed analysis of your music tracks, including acoustic separation of  the melody and the accompaniment.

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